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Today I command, you will be my slave, submissive to my every whim. I decided that it is not enough for me to fuck you with objects and I want to see you dealing with a real cock.
Wearing a tight red dress to highlight my abundant curves and nothing else I order you to undress and lie on your bed face down. I'll lift your ass and open your legs. Then I go over and spank you to make you understand that you have no right to take action. I widen your buttocks with two hands and look eagerly at your anus. I smile at the thought that it's my stuff and I've taken it several times. I put my face close and lean your lips against it. My hot and humid tongue laps at you like the excited animal would do to its female in heat before mounting it to impregnate it. I say "do you like a bitch?" you nod me. "You're my slut always in heat, aren't you?" answer in the same way and I "sshciak" a dry spanking "who are you? I want to hear you say"
"I am your obedient bitch and you are my mistress"
I spit you a couple of times on the anus already glistening with the saliva left by my tongues, I carefully spread the spit with my thumb and I press to let it in. I open your buttocks, fill my mouth with saliva and pour it on your half-open hole and then penetrate it with a finger. I feel it giving in to my pressure, I'm inside.
I feel the warmth of its interior. I push your head against the mattress forcing you to arch your back and offer me your flower even more brazenly facing upwards. My finger is all inside to explore the walls of your intestine. I move it back and forth and then in circles to look for the prostate gland that I massage by making you moan with pleasure. I enjoy taking possession of your ass, I entered your most intimate spot.
The doorbell rings. He is the one I waited to see my perverse fantasy come true
I get up to go and open and you are about to do the same with the intention of dressing quickly and not to be found naked but I stop you firmly and order you to stay in bed and cover yourself with just the sheet.
You ask me who's at the door "soon you'll know my beloved bitch"
I am going to open to Stefano, once a lover, now a very dear friend, always available and enthusiastic when intriguing moments of transgression are proposed to him.
We enter the room and make the necessary presentations "Stefano introduce you to Veronica my bitch, devoted to my pleasure and obediently doing everything I order"
"You told me about it and I can't wait to appreciate its qualities"
I see you embarrassed blushing, perhaps you have not yet realized what is about to happen, yet I have never hidden my desire from you.
He turning to me "you are charming, sensual and erotic as always." I thank him but I answer that it is not me who must take care of you and turn to you
"Veronica today your beautiful ass will be desecrated by a real cock"
"Stefano shows my servant what you have to offer"
As he undresses I move the sheet aside and show you in all your nakedness. You are intimidated, I read it in the expression on your face but you cannot reply. "mmmm your little bitch looks really nice"
"It's all yours"
He approaches the bed, he is a sturdy man with a prominent belly under which you can see the cock that shows a timid erection. takes your head and presses down "I want you to suck me bitch, let me get hard in your mouth"
You look at me bewildered, I signal you to obey. I know you've never done it before even if you happened to want it in your fantasies but now you have it in front of you, a flesh-and-blood male ready to abuse you. I'm sure you're scared but also excited, I know you well.
You take it in your hand and shyly bring it close to your mouth "suck" Stefano makes you with a peremptory tone.
You take it in your mouth, you feel it grow up to your throat. Remove your mouth to breathe and watch that meat auction
"suck slut, don't make it repeat again"
He is determined and do as he says, start giving him a blowjob. He holds your head steady with one hand and starts to move his pelvis, he literally wants to fuck your mouth. Sometimes it pushes until you feel it in your throat where you have a regurgitation. He gets excited and sticks it to you as far as he can go and holding your head firmly. Feel his chapel touch your tonsils. Regurgitations follow one another, fear of vomiting. Finally it is decided to extract it, it is hard as a trunk and dripping with saliva.
"Lie on your bed on your stomach" he says firmly that he doesn't allow replies.
Our eyes meet for a moment, I sit on the sidelines with that expression that you know well and that every time sends you into ecstasy, I have my legs slightly open and a hand under my skirt to touch the sex that you cannot see.
He is already kneeling above you and facing
and "you didn't exaggerate when you described it to me, it has a great little ass, it deserves to be fucked properly"
He takes you by the hips and lifts you forcefully making you sheep. The face on the mattress you look towards me that I look pleased.
Your back is arched and your ass in the ideal position to be taken, your hands stretched out to cling to the headboard of the bed.
Stefano takes the cock in his hand and after rubbing the chapel along the cut of his ass up to the balls he stops right there, just below the anus. A few moments go by and a warm bolus of saliva comes down to center the furrow between the buttocks and runs down to the asshole, its chapel to act as an embankment which then uses it as a brush to spread it carefully. He repeats the gesture a second time and lubricated the hole already partially softened by me, he points the swollen and pulsating chapel with desire against the half-open hole. He starts to push and slowly but relentlessly he makes space by widening the sphincter which after a weak resistance gives way so that the cock slips inside easily.
While you feel the bowels invade close your eyes and hold your breath. It is bulky it hurts where the tip arrives, you feel a strong discomfort.
Begin to move piston.
It is not a bad feeling that you feel until you feel it flow smoothly but when it pushes all the way it hurts and you cannot hide a grimace of pain. I watch you while at the same time enjoying and suffering.
My expression is pure libido. I'm enjoying the scene. Finally I see my perverted dream come true, my man in the role of a whore, my whore I can have at my disposal so much that I allow myself the luxury of offering him to satisfy the desires of a male as well as to confirm your passivity and my dominion, "that's what you deserve" I think inside me while I titillate my clitoris.
I turn to Stefano "fuck my bitch, bang her for good. She is always in heat and it was time she tried a real cock after my toys"
"I want you to come inside, fill it with your seed, impregnate it"
Spurred on by my words, it increases the intensity of the blows and slams you hard making you jump at each determined push. You are torn between enjoyment and unease, a set of strong sensations.
I hold the game and I know you like it, my pleasure is your pleasure and it excites you to listen while I encourage you to treat yourself as a whore because it is my will and what makes you lose your mind most is just being used by me for satisfy my every wish.
He suddenly pulls out his cock, gets off the bed, takes you by the feet, drags you to the bank and turns you around.
"I want to see you in the face while I fill your ass"
I observe and comment "look how obscenely open that hole was to the bitch, she kept the shape of your cock"
He who took your legs and carried them behind you without even needing to guide him with your hand, stuffs his still very hard cock and sticks it up to your testicles that I feel slapping your ass with every decisive stroke.
He fucks you and talks to you by turning dirty phrases until I realize that he is about to reach orgasm from the thrusts that become more frenetic and from panting more intense. "I come inside you bitch, I impregnate you with my sperm". Grunisce while pouring in your bowels waves of hot cum until completely empty. He collapses on you exhausted for a few moments and then gets up. Addressing me "wow what a fuck, your bitch managed to blow me, congratulations"
As he goes to the bathroom to wash I go to you lying on the bed, my feet on the floor and my aching ass on the edge. I bend over, I open your legs and I observe the reddened and obscenely open anus from which flows a thick stream of semen. I approach greedily and dip my face in it.
My tongue enters and collects the sperm fruit of that pig's cock. Kiss, lick suck and finally I get up and bring my face over you. Ajar the mouth I pull out the tongue from whose tip hangs a drop of sperm which hanging on a thread goes slowly towards you. Open your mouth and welcome it.
Now I rest my lips on yours and we squeeze with passion. Feel the taste of the male in my mouth and your cock will rise and I take it.
In the meantime Stefano is back. He got behind me and I feel his hands rising from my thighs to lift my short skirt and reveal my generously shaped ass and perpetually wet pussy.
I turn around and start to say something but he gestures for me to let him do it. It was not foreseen in the agreements made previously but I do not mind at all so I turn around again and go back to kissing.
Stefano without wasting time after having groped my pussy with his hands and rummaged inside with his fingers making me want to put his cock in it, the same one that just before you opened your ass and then cum inside him.
The thought sends me to
I feel and feel her pussy release its fluids in abundance.
"Honey you are a magnificent riding mare, no doubt about it"
He stops for a moment, makes me get on the bed and doggy style starts fucking again.
You move and slide under me until you find yourself with your face right under my pussy while your cock is within reach of my lips. I don't waste time and I take it in my mouth, my moans of pleasure now have a guttural sound as they blow you.
You are enjoying the scene of my pussy that you love and know up to its most hidden corner and the cock of him that comes and goes with the balls that swing and slap my ass. The noise that makes the moving piston immersed in me in my fluids, that rattle makes you crazy, I know. Every now and then I lift my mouth from your cock to release a louder groan than the others or to let you know in words how intense my pleasure is. You lift yourself up on your elbows and reach my sex.
You lick the love button (that's how I like to call it) and suck it between your lips.
Then you start to lick pussy and cock together as if there was no discontinuity between one and the other.
Move your attention from time to time from cock and pussy to the button until you realize that I am close to orgasm. You feel it as I suck more hard almost with anger. He stops with the cock immersed in me to the root, my pussy throbs, contracts and relaxes. I raise my head and a series of moans accompany my orgasm that I have rarely experienced so intensely. I feel the muscles move to release the honey that flows in abundance. As you enjoy my orgasm a series of splashes of a fluid much less dense than my moods flood your face. Open your mouth and drink. I had an orgasm and squirted almost at the same time, I drunk you with my pleasure.
Stefano has my honey on his stomach, his balls, his thighs and he too was hit by my squirt. Needless to say, this makes him turn a thousand and starts banging me violently, grunting and turning obscenity.
It doesn't take long for you to cum again. He has filled an ass and a pussy, he rightly considers it an excellent booty. He pulls his cock out, turns around and I lie exhausted as he draws it close to your face so that he can collect the last traces of semen and return it to him perfectly clean.
Then you put yourself on your side and reach my pussy that you open with your fingers. You can see the thick, milky sperm that left me inside and stick your tongue into it. As you lick me I jerk you off and they blow you until you cum in my mouth. I drink all your sperm and you join me. Our kiss is an apotheosis of flavors, that of the sperm of two men, my honey and the fruit of the squirtata, all to be tasted.
After Stefano said goodbye thanking us for the wonderful experience we remain embraced for a long time, your head resting on my breast to pamper us and exchange sweet words of love because after all after the intense pleasure felt with that unbridled and transgressive sex what remains constant, which unites us and makes us accomplices is the immense love that binds us.
Do you want to see me now naked online? CLICK HERE!
Not open for further replies.
Do you want to see me now naked online? CLICK HERE!
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