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x Hamster! Any porn lover will have certainly heard of this tube site. Most pornholics have certainly visited it on several occasions. For some, it may even be your porn site where he browses most often. And if so, they are certainly not the only ones. Another 10 million users go to xHamster so often that they are registered. After XVideos and Pornhub, Xhamster is the third porn site with the most user traffic on the internet today.

xHamster was created in 2007 by Alex Hawkings. The creators wanted to create something different from what other porn sites were doing at the time, the founders of xHamster so decided to create a website that combined the porn tube and xxx social media.

It is known that xHamster's intentions were to target "people who wanted to chat, exchange erotic photos and share amateur videos and thus have the opportunity to find common friends online and have the opportunity to find partners interested in intimate relationships". It is correct to think that x Hamster has done an exceptional job in achieving the goals it set itself as it has become a site of amateur and home content uploaded by users.
All in all, xHamster does a great job in providing excellent initial navigation. First of all, it shows 10 "hot porn videos" with the possibility to deactivate them using the "update" function - this way they are activated without reloading the entire pages and have a very few seconds of loading. below, the most recent scenes are added, daily there is an update of about 3000 new videos.
When you select the video you like the most you continue to have the same kind of experience, the video display is very similar to youtube, and has a small gear that is in the same area and gives you the ability to change the quality of the movie, you can also view the video in slow motion and in "big mode" which makes the video bigger without being completely full screen. What's missing on xHamster on xHamster is the possibility to viusualize the thumbnails by passing over the time bar so that you can see and understand where the best scene of the video is located. An update to apply would be just that- Since it is a feature that gives the user a better experience.

There is an efficient support for viewing content offline is a decent selling point for tube sites and xHamster allows you to store videos using the download can get this function in 2 modes the first is to register to the tube to get this function instantly, otherwise you have to wait 60 seconds and get it anyway. To download a 200MB video from xHamster in 720p quality, it takes about 12 seconds from start to finish. This is good and interesting for the end user, because it allows you to store the material on demand - the only limitation it might have is the Internet connection.

What about the premium subscription to xHamster?
In this period there are many porn video sites with premium subscription offers, and even xHamster has it ! The Gold subscription costs $19.99 USD per month - if you are based in the UK, it costs £17.45. you can pay by credit card or PayPal: It could be very surprising and complete. Although the price would be quite high, you have access to over 8,700 videos from different studios, many of which are supported in 1080p HD formats. They should in fact have licensing rights for content from professional studios and paid sites. There should be more than 500 contributors, including Tricky Agent, Japan Lust, Stepmom Seduction, Teen Mega World, and Eros Arts.
Xhamster also offers the ability to purchase tokens for viewing the scenes. They are sold in lots of 200, 520, 1085 and 2250. 200 tokens, the videos cost 25 or 50 tokens each, It is not the best but if you are going to watch what in other parts would be impossible to find, it might be the right choice.

The xHamster free content archive is about 1.3 million videos.

For some time now there is censorship on the site about rape, even for those who are mentally healthy and simply attracted to BDSM.

Thought of
xHamster is a great site, Overall, this site could give a great end-user experience and there is nothing it can't offer. For users who are looking for BDSM material they might find something more akin to their search on other sites, but for those looking for a more like-normal experience, this site offers a standard for better live streaming platforms.
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Do you want to see me now naked online? CLICK HERE!
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