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XNXX could be one of the best porn tubes in the web, but unfortunately because of the immense blue present on the site it has an unattractive and pleasant aesthetics, it has millions of videos on the site but unfortunately all this blue makes it quite ugly to see. It has to be reviewed anyway!
Aside from a too intrusive blue you have to compliment the creators of the site for a job well done with regard to the accumulation of videos. Very few sites present the same of XNXX about the width and depth of the collection. The variety is underlined here, as well as the quality and quantity, so all in all it will be difficult to find another site like xnxx. There are really no sites like this one, maybe very few similar ones.

As for the navigation in the site:

Entering the home page, you can find a list of recommended videos and links to various locations, including the latest uploaded content, the most reviewed videos and, of course, the categories to get the best search for what you want to see.

HD scenes have their own recognition, but there is no specific way to divide scenes into hd and non-hd. The length of the scenes is really good, and has an average of about 15 minutes. Although it has much shorter scenes with a duration of just 2 minutes.

An observation to the navigation tools, you have to compliment, because their organization is perfect. The most popular videos of any category are displayed first on the homepage. Good for those who do not have well in mind what niche to watch, for those who have it better to have a look at the list of categories on the is not of much use masu if you want you have the possibility to view the videos in alphabetical order.

For the passionate experts of porn you have the possibility to search and see the 7,728,499 videos in a much faster way. There is also the best of section, and that's where you have the chance to find the best, which is usually organized by month.

XNXX also has a mix of amateur and professional content, but like many other tube sites, it is mainly oriented towards sluts who get paid for a fuck!
any pornstar you will certainly be able to find it on . You can see about 800 videos of the old slut Mia Khalifa, 150 videos of Rachel Richey 80, maybe more than 200 videos of Lexi Vex where you can see what she can do with her mouth, other orifices and much more. There are millions of pornstars present in this site, just do a little search to see if what you prefer is present in this site!

the site even has its own forum of millions of pages!

xnxx also has additional sections also these completely free, photos and sex stories!
Simply register to enjoy all its benefits and opportunities completely for free!

what thinks
All in all, regardless of its too intrusive color and too blue is the best site completely free that enjoys videos, photos, original stories of all kinds!
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